There’s an Advantage to
Doing Business in Idaho

Idaho is Business Friendly

Strong Yearly Growth

Technology-Ready Infrastructure

Idaho’s GDP has increased by 2.8% every year since 2015, with Idaho’s population also growing rapidly. Yet, it is still a small state and still provides small state advantages for foreign business and investment.

Idaho is open to foreign investment and trade opportunities

Incentives & Grants

State of Idaho has many incentives and grants to promote business in Idaho.


State of Idaho currently has a trade office in Taiwan.


Idaho Japan Business Council is currently working building an extensive contact list to help connect Idaho and Japanese businesses.

Narita Wholesale Market is ready to ship Japanese Fresh Food

New in 2021

Japanese Companies

Are you thinking about expanding to the US or investing in US businesses?

Idaho Companies

Are you interested in working with Japanese companies or starting trade with Japan?

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Idaho: One of the Best Economies in the US

High GDP Growth


Low Unemployment


Incentive Programs


USA Today Data 2020

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