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Idaho Commerce Department

Idaho Commerce Department
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Idaho Commerce Department
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The Idaho Department of Commerce is the lead economic development organization for the State of Idaho, a state located in the Northwestern United States.

As the lead economic development agency for the State of Idaho, the mission of the Idaho Department of Commerce is to foster a business friendly environment to aid in job creation, support existing companies, strengthen communities and market Idaho to:

Grow and expand the economy by supporting the expansion and retention of Idaho businesses and attraction of new businesses to the state;
Cultivate the development of new businesses and job opportunities across targeted industry sectors;
Expand Idaho’s tourism and recreation industries;
Guide Idaho businesses in exports of goods and services to the world and encourage foreign investment in Idaho;
Encourage communities to be prepared for business growth through infrastructure development and site readiness;
Invest in development of new innovative research through public private partnerships.


700 W State Street
PO Box 83720
Boise, Idaho
ZIP Code: